Most people are familiar with the Great Wall of China. Construction started as early as seventh century B.C., with earlier walls being later connected, becoming a longer and more formidable barrier (or fence). Many thousands of workers likely died while building the wall. Today, it’s much quicker and safer to install a Polvin Fence.

Oh, and contrary to popular belief, the Great Wall of China is not visible from space. This isn’t surprising, considering that, while long, the wall is not more than several times wider than your average Polvin fence.

This picture, apparently the first verifiable photo of the Great Wall of China shot from low Earth orbit, was taken by International Space Station Commander Leroy Chiao on Nov. 24, 2004. Can you see the great wall?  Credit: NASA

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Temporary Fences

We’ve designed systems that enable our fences to be temporary or semi-permanent. Many shopping centres, councils and clubs have purchased Polvin semi-permanent and portable fences.

These fences are used at a range of special events, then easily removed and stored. They can be used indoors or outdoors.

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Are you still borrowing Portable Dressage Arenas?

More Riding clubs and Pony clubs are updating their old, portable arenas to Polvin’s tough, long lasting Portable Arena. Designed for easy transport, setup and teardown, our arenas meet EA & FEI specifications.

Don’t forget to ask about our sturdy, stackable cone dressage letters.

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Just how strong is a Polvin Fence?

The impact strength of Polvin fences is more than 3 times better than the American ASTM Standards for PVC.

Tests prove that every Polvin PVC fence starts out with far greater impact strength than the industry standard [for PVC].

Polvin Fences maintain higher impact strength for more than twice as long as traditional PVC fencing materials.

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Great news for Cricket Clubs!

Polvin picket fence and sight screens are tough enough to face up to 50 harsh Aussie cricket summers.

This recent installation at Killarney Cricket Club show just how good our fences look. They’ll stay looking this good for decades – without rotting or needing a coat of paint – even this close to the ocean!

Our fences are available in a number of styles and are easy to install. Find out more here

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Blending with Nature

A recent installation combines the best of mother nature with the best in long lasting, low maintenance fences. We love how this small hedge has been used to complement a new Polvin picket fence.

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Clever fence colour appeal

When one colour isn’t enough – combine two. This recent Polvin fence installation combines our grey posts with white privacy panels for a contemporary look. Our range of colours includes white, ivory, almond, sandstone and our new shade of grey! Speak with the Polvin design team to discover which colours are available for your preferred Polvin fence.

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Our longest fence

Australia’s ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’ is more than 3,000 kilometres long and stretches the entire length of West Australia. Now that’s a lot of maintenance! If they’d installed a Polvin fence – it would never rot, rust, peel or splinter. Think of the maintenance they would save!

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Retaining the charm

A Picket fence can maximise the street appeal of your home. However, the style of fence has to match the style of the property. This recent installation of a Polvin colonial picket fence and gates enhances the charming style of this weatherboard cottage. With four styles of picket fences, in today’s popular colours, when it’s time to replace or add a picket fence to your property, look no further than here

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How to make a better first impression.

When a rotting, uneven and tired looking front fence spoils the street appeal of a house, replacing it with another wooden fence is a common solution. However, the owners of this property decided that they wanted their new fence to look its best for longer than a few short years. They didn’t want to worry about painting their fence, replacing rotting or warped sections or for nails and screws to work loose within a few short years.

After completing some research into fences, they found that for around the same cost as a wooden fence, they could instead install a Polvin fence that will never need painting, will not rot, warp or splinter.

Once their preferred style of fence and gates were selected, parts were manufactured in Polvin’s Australian warehouse. This Polvin fence was installed by a professional installer, however, Polvin fences can easily be installed by a DIY’er.

Installation is easy. Polvin fences simply click and slot together, so there is no need for nails, screws or wires. Materials are cut to size in Polvin’s Australian factory – reducing the time spent cutting materials onsite, minimising waste and clean up time.

Best of all, this Polvin fence will look as good in 50 years as it does today – without ever needing a coat of paint!

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