Platinum Series 50 year WarrantyPlatinum Series

We trust our Platinum Series so much, we offer you a massive 50 year warranty.

The Polvin Fencing Platinum Series is formulated and laboratory tested to more than exceed the industry standards for PVC fencing (ASTM D4226 & ASTM F964).

Polvin developed the Platinum Series for the equine industry where durability and impact strength are of extreme importance. Using enhanced, stronger raw materials, and a unique blend of impact modifiers, the Platinum Series  exceeds the “impact strength” industry standard by 3.2 times.

The Platinum Series is used by high end consumers, racecourses, horse studs and sports fields. The Platinum Series can better withstand the impact from horses and cricket balls. Cheaper overseas fences may smash, whereas the Platinum Series will absorb most of the impact.

Why so strong?

By using 12ph (parts per hundred) of Titanium Dioxide (UV Inhibitor) and a special blend of impact modifiers, Platinum Series products are double the industry standard in terms of durability.

Put simply Platinum products are three times stronger and are engineered to last twice as long!

Made to order

You enjoy flexibility in design and colours. Platinum Services PVC fences are backed by a mammoth 50 year warranty.

Colour choices

Platinum Series products are available in five popular colours; White, Ivory, Sandstone, and Almond.

Aussie Made – to last

Polvin Fencing Systems “Platinum Series” are 100% Australian made, in our factory in Melbourne, Victoria.Australian Made