American Manufacturers of PVC fencing have acknowledged the fact that PVC gates are the weakest link in the industry. PVC is not a structural material and what generally happens is the holes holding the screws to the gate and post tend to elongate very quickly, causing the gates to start sagging soon after installation. Furthermore PVC gates generally do not have effective reinforcing which makes them very flimsy.

At POLVIN FENCING SYSTEMS we have an internationally patented design for our gates. Each gate is custom made and is guaranteed to last. They are specifically designed for lasting strength through the use of high quality galvanised steel inner frames and are fully adjustable. Our gates include all accessories required for proper fitting. Our gates will match your fence for an aesthetically pleasing finish.

We are able to offer gates in a variety of styles and dimensions (including Sliding gates), our gates can easily be motorised.

Post & Rail Fencing

Traditional Post & Rail Fencing helps put the finishing touches to any acreage or rural property, signifying that true country feel and warmth. When installed it becomes a real attraction “showcasing” the property in question. Sigh… If only it could always look that good. If only it wouldn’t deteriorate so quickly and need constant maintaining!

We have the solution

A Polvin PVC Post & Rail Fence stands up to the harshest weather conditions and is low in maintenance. Unlike metal and wood, PVC will never rot, rust, warp, peel or flake. PVC is non-toxic, impervious to termites and is environmentally friendly. What’s more a PVC fence never needs to be painted, EVER! All of this with an attractive warranty backed by an Australian Company.


Polvin’s PVC Privacy Fencing products offer a stylish alternative to traditional steel and timber.

The advantages of PVC Privacy Fencing are as follows:

No Rusting

Plant your flowers and garden as close to the fence as you like. There is no risk of rust. Furthermore unlike a steel fence where any slight surface scratch through the paint would encourage rusting, a PVC privacy fence offers complete peace of mind.

Noise Reduction

Independent studies have shown that a steel fence, actually amplifies noise. PVC on the other hand assists in reducing noise, thanks to internal air pockets. Tests have shown that noise is reduced by as much as 23db.

Easy to Maintain

Never needs to be painted, EVER! Stains clean off easily.

Longer lasting

Unlike timber, PVC will never rot, warp, peel or flake and is impervious to termites.

Polvin’s Privacy Fences are available in two styles namely Full Privacy (No gaps) and Semi Privacy (15mm gaps).

Portable Dressage Arenas

Polvin portable dressage arenas are designed for safety, beauty, and long life. Designed for easy transport, set-up and teardown, our arenas meet EA & FEI specifications. With the rails constructed from high-quality impact and UV-resistant PVC, these dressage arenas maintain their new-look aesthetics year after year!

polvin pvc portable dressage arena polvin pvc portable dressage arena polvin pvc portable dressage arena polvin pvc portable dressage arena

Designed to withstand a range of conditions!
Smooth, non-stick, stackable sections. Enjoy a fast set up – in under 20 minutes.

  • Wind Tolerance: Heavy
  • Finished corners
  • Supplied entry gate at “A”
  • Non-stick, stackable sections for easy storage, transport, and set-up
  • Suitable for all types of footing and conditions
  • Set-up time: 20 minutes
  • Rail Height: 270mm
  • Rail Length: 4 meters
  • Cone Height: 300mm
  • Cone Base: 400 x 400mm
  • Rail Dimension: 50 x 150mm

Cone Dressage Letters

letters mont

  • Set of 12 letters
  • Tower Letters are stackable
  • Three sided cone 60cm tall x 40cm wide
  • Large, highly visible, letters are silk-screened onto each side
  • Main letter and its corresponding centerline letter are included
  • Tower Letter has a 4″ plant holder moulded into the top complete with drainage holes
  • Graphics are set so they will not be obstructed by your arena rail



Add beauty and elegance to any yard or garden with a strong durable and maintenance free Polvin PVC Arbour.

Polvin PVC Arbours have been fabricated from the same premium quality PVC profiles that are used for our fencing products, and are engineered for quick and efficient assembly.

Cricket Ovals

Eliminate maintenance costs at your sports oval!

Polvin Fencing Systems has a range of products designed specifically for sporting venues. All the products in our range use our high quality, low maintenance PVC profiles.


Few things add to the beauty & warmth of a home like a picket fence. Polvin Picket Fences are available in a variety of styles, which are sure to complement your home and suit your personal taste. Matching gates are also available in various sizes to enhance the elegant look of your new Polvin Fence.

Polvin Fencing Systems are “The PVC Experts!” We produce and distribute products of the highest quality whilst always striving to offer our customers an exceptional level of service.

A Polvin Fence stands up to the harshest weather conditions. Unlike metal and wood, PVC will never rot, rust, peel or flake. PVC is non-toxic, impervious to termites and is environmentally friendly. Hard water deposits from yard sprinklers require most conventional fences to be repainted, but stains clean easily from PVC.

No nails, wires or screws makes installation a breeze! See for yourself by looking at our handy installation instructions.



The Polvin Fencing Systems team is able to work with clients to design and produce custom products that suit their needs.

Please contact us today – we are more than happy to assist you with your unique project.


Polvin’s Mesh Fencing provides the perfect crowd barrier solution. What’s more it can be used in a variety of other applications, including keeping domestic animals in tow. Polvins mesh fencing has been used at various commercial venues including Yarra Valley Race Course.

Strong, durable and very pleasing to the eye. Mesh Fencing is sold in 2.4m panels wide and is 1.2m high.

Please contact us for further information or if you require a customised design.