Available Products

Here are our main products:

Never paint a fence again

Your Polvin PVC fence won’t rot, rust, peel or flake. They’re non-toxic, impervious to termites, environmentally friendly and never need painting.

Polvin Australian Made PVC fences are an investment that will save you time and money. Polvin Fencing Systems use quality materials and state of the art production processes. Customers say Polvin’s Australian Made PVC fencing has made maintenance of their fencing negligible, freeing them up to enjoy the good things in life .

PVC Fences for Your Home

Yes, we can create fences that complement your home to suit your personal taste. To enhance the look of your new Polvin fence, a range of stylish gates are also available

Save time, money and the hard work of maintaining your old wooden fence.
Here’s how:

PVC vs Wood Cost and Material Comparison

Protect your stock

Polvin Fencing Systems feature smooth surfaces with no nails or sharp edges. Our specially designed rail notching system allows the rail to pop out of the post under severe impact, minimising the risk of breaking.

Upon moderate impact from horses or livestock, your Polvin PVC fence is designed to flex and then return to its original shape, also minimising the risk of it breaking.

The Polvin Difference

We offer PVC fencing in Platinum and Gold Series

For those looking for only the very best in PVC fencing, Platinum Series by Polvin is for you! A 50 year warranty is only the beginning.

Showcase your property with a low maintenance, professionally designed Gold Series PVC Fence. Competitively priced with a huge 30 year warranty.