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A house renovation is not complete until the front fence is done

Just look at the difference our Windsor Picket Fence made to this cottage. The owners are so happy – plus they’ll never need to paint their fence again! BEFORE [column-group] [column] [/column] [column] [/column] [/column-group] [expand title="Read More..." swaptitle="Read Less..." trigpos="below" trigclass="arrowright"] AFTER [column-group] [column] [/column] [column] [/column] [/column-group] [/expand]

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Funny Fence Fact

A fence hidden in a ditch is called a “Ha-ha”. No joke!  Wikipedia defines a ha-ha as a “recessed landscape design element that creates a vertical barrier while preserving an uninterrupted view of the landscape beyond”.

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Light up your fence

Did you know many Polvin fences can safely include lighting.  Great for safety, entertaining or giving your property that extra glow! Ask us about our range of stunning lighting fittings and options available. [expand title="Read More..." swaptitle="Read Less..." trigpos="below" trigclass="arrowright"]   [/expand]

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How you benefit from our Frequent Flyer Miles

Polvin Fencing Managers have just returned from the USA where we’ve attended “FenceTech 2017”. This leading fence trade show is a five day event and features over 300 industry exhibits from around the world. It showcases a number of developments in fencing. We will be using the knowledge gained from attending FenceTech to further improve [...]

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Save Installation Time

Want to save on installation time? Take another look at Polvin PVC Fences. PVC panels and posts arrive pre-cut and ready for installation – saving cutting pieces on site and waste. There’s no need for nails, screws or wires, instead each part simply "clicks & slots" together onsite, making installation significantly easier, saving installation time [...]

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Green solutions for a range of fences

The task of supplying environmentally friendly fence materials, has in the past, been difficult to achieve. With more customers wishing to leave a smaller footprint on the planet and their immediate surroundings, today’s hi-tech, rigid PVC fences are an environmentally friendly, long lasting fence solution that is attracting a lot of advocates and converts. Most [...]

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Round this up!

With superior impact strength and flexibility, Polvin fences are ideal as Roundyards. Polvin Roundyards are easy to assemble, won’t splinter, and include a special combination of impact modifiers which gives them greater impact strength. They maintain higher impact strength for more than twice as long as traditional PVC fencing materials. An added benefit of a [...]

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Polvin Fencing installs new Picket Fence at Cluden Cricket Club

Polvin Fencing Systems installed a new white Picket Fence at the Cluden Cricket Club located in Brighton, Victoria. Visit the club's website at www.cluden.vic.cricket.com.au or follow them on Facebook. Day 1: Installation work has started!! [column-group] [column] [/column] [column] [/column] [/column-group] [expand title="Read More..." swaptitle="Read Less..." trigpos="below" trigclass="arrowright"] Day 2: The white picket fence beginning to [...]

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