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About Polvin PVC Fencing

All PVC products are made from a combination of vinyl resin and various additives, which gives these products their particular properties.

Some of the additives commonly used in PVC include the following:

  • Impact modifiers improve impact strength, or resistance of the profile to cracking or breaking.
  • UV inhibitors protect the finished product from damaging rays of the sun. Titanium dioxide and UV absorbers are the most common materials used to screen or absorb UV radiation, which would otherwise cause rapid degradation of the product.
  • Pigments provide consistent color throughout the product, but darker colours tend to absorb more heat and are subject to fading at a faster pace than lighter colours.

Recycled Plastics are not used in Polvin Fencing Systems to ensure the quality is not compromised. All our fencing is made from 100% virgin PVC , and we only use our own internally generated regrind (of the same product)  which meets our stringent quality controls. This  keeps it out of the waste stream, and helps protect the environment.

Although some competitors claim to be the biggest pvc fencing producers in Australia (they also claim to have invented pvc fencing, which is laughable, as pvc fencing has been around for over 40 years),  Polvin is by far the largest and most successful. We have achieved this by always honouring our promises and providing excellent customer service, and are backed by a solid Australian company who has been in business for over 30 years.

Unfortunately, some of these competitors have already gone out of business, leaving customers with lost deposits and no fence. When you place an order with us, you know your money is safe, and you will receive your high quality product on time.

We also produce the highest quality PVC fencing available in Australia, and are the supplier of choice to the racing industry. We have installed over 400,000 metres of running rail and other fencing at racecourses throughout Australia and around the world. When million dollar racehorses are involved, the quality has to be the best.

In 2013, we moved into our new custom built premises in Dandenong South. Visitors are welcome. Just call us to arrange an appointment.

PVC has an extremely high flash point which means it will not sustain a flame but will merely self extinguish as soon as the flame is removed.  It does not smolder and does not leave burning embers.  However, as with any other fence, be it metal or wood, our fence will also be damaged by fire.

  • PVC requires no painting or treating.
  • Is non-porous, therefore mildew and mold cannot get a hold.
  • Most dirt is easily cleaned with a solution of mild household detergent and water.
  • Termites also won’t eat it.

During the life of the Polvin Fencing System, under normal circumstances, you should not expect to find surface cracking, peeling, chipping or rot. Should this happen, your warranty would cover it.

Although your investment is similar to wood initially, this is where your expense ends. The cost of a wood or metal fence escalates quickly once the substantial cost of continuous maintenance is considered. Some hardwoods can actually be more expensive initially than PVC, and you would still have the maintenance costs over its lifetime.

Cost includes price of fence averaged over 20 years plus maintenance and repair costs. Cost is expressed as a percentage.

Polvin Fencing Systems Platinum Series has a higher tensile strength and 4 times the flexibility of wood. The use of quality Impact Modifiers ensure the fence is rugged enough for the application.

In addition to this we add reinforced ribs to the rails, which make them strong enough to support an adult climbing on or over it. If a horse leans on it, it is designed to flex and then return to its original shape.  Rails are easily replaced should breakage occur from severe impact.

Polvin Fencing Systems products have smooth surfaces with no nails or sharp edges. Our specially designed rail notching system allows the rail to pop out of the post under impact, making it less inclined to break.

Under normal circumstances the fence will flex and then return to its original shape. If your horse hits the fence at a speed, the rails are designed to ‘pop’ out, thus minimising the risk of breaking and causing injury to the animal.

A wooden fence would be more inclined to break and leave sharp points and splinters which could impale the horse. Therefore Polvin Fencing is much safer for horses and your family.

Vinyl has a tough surface, retains no moisture and has no taste – therefore horses will be less inclined to suck or chew on a Polvin fence.

Attachments like a hot wire for post and rail fencing can easily be attached to any Polvin vinyl fence. As a Polvin fence does not conduct electricity, any type of connector can be used, including metal. Alternatively, holes can be drilled in the posts in the factory or onsite to run wire through – eliminating the need for attachments.

The pre-routed posts, and light weight material as well as the comprehensive installation manual ensure Polvin fencing systems are perfect for DIY installations. Any additional queries or concerns can be addressed with our friendly team who are always available to take your call, weekends and holidays included (by arrangement).

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