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100% Australian Made DIY Post and Rail Fencing, Picket Fencing & More

Polvin Fencing Systems offers DIY PVC fencing that’s easy to install yourself. One of the advantages of our DIY fencing is that there are no screws, wires or nails, as everything slots together and is fixed there permanently. Just follow the simple instructions on our website and you’ll see just how quick our fencing is to put together!

You’ll save money by installing your DIY PVC fencing yourself, and you’ll still get a high-quality result. Whether you’re installing a DIY picket gate, a DIY privacy fence or DIY post and rail fencing, you’ll work it out in no time with our helpful instructions.

Why Choose Polvin for DIY Fencing?

There are countless reasons to order DIY post and rail fencing from us – or any other of our DIY PVC fencing, for that matter. The first reason is that our DIY PVC fencing is extremely low maintenance. For example, a DIY picket gate made of PVC will not need repainting for the whole of its lifetime. Your DIY privacy fence or picket fence won’t peel, rust, warp or bend. And the material is kind to your animals too, if you’re using DIY post and rail fencing on a rural property. Whichever you choose, DIY PVC fencing gives you all the benefits of our highest-quality production methods for a strong fence that lasts in extreme Australian conditions.

Need Quality DIY PVC fencing? Call Us Today

At Polvin Fencing Systems, we’ve got an entire range of PVC fencing systems available to choose from, including DIY post and rail fencing, DIY privacy fencing and DIY picket fencing. We also have different styles to suit your preferences and the style of your property, plus we can provide custom fencing. Want more information? Call us today on 1800 339 675.