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Full Privacy Fencing

Choose Polvin Fencing Systems for a Full Privacy Fence

Here at Polvin Fencing Systems, we offer a stylish alternative to traditional steel and timber fencing for a full privacy fence for your residence. PVC privacy fence panels require no maintenance and withstand all types of weather. With the amount of house and garden maintenance usually required on a property, it makes sense to choose products for fencing that reduce the time needed to keep your house looking tidy.

A PVC privacy fence will keep on looking good for half a century − that’s what our warranty covers for the Platinum Series privacy panels in your new full privacy fence. When choosing a privacy fence from our range, you can opt for a full privacy fence (no gaps between panels) or a semi privacy fence (15mm gaps between panels).

For privacy fence supplies that truly are high-quality and long-lasting, you can rely on Polvin Fencing Systems. We have full control over the manufacture of our products and keep to the highest standards in 100% Australian made PVC fencing. We’re proud to be the original and the best manufacturers of Australian PVC privacy fence panels.

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The Advantages of a PVC Privacy Fence

  • No Rusting − Plant your flowers and trees as close to the fence as you like. There is no risk of rust from scratches in paintwork or water build-up.
  • Noise Reduction − PVC fencing assists in reducing noise thanks to internal air pockets. Tests have shown that noise is reduced by as much as 23db.
  • Easy to Maintain − A PVC privacy fence never needs to be painted once throughout its long lifetime. Stains clean off the surface easily with a sponge and water.
  • Longer Lasting − Unlike timber, PVC fencing will never rot, warp, peel or flake and is impervious to termites. It is environmentally friendly yet long lasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is Best – Full Privacy or Semi Privacy Fencing?

Which option is best will depend entirely on the purpose of your fencing and the level of privacy you desire. Our full privacy fencing has no gaps at all, blocking the eyes of passers-by completely. Our semi privacy fencing has 20mm gaps that allow some light and air to pass through without sacrificing too much privacy.

What Height Should Privacy Fencing Be?

At Polvin Fencing Systems, we stock our privacy fencing in heights ranging from 1.5 metres up to 2.1 metres. The height that’s right for your property can depend on a range of factors, such as aesthetics and your desired level of privacy.

Why Choose Privacy Fencing Made from PVC?

Privacy fencing made from PVC boasts many advantages over other materials. Not only is it long lasting and easy to maintain, but it can help to reduce noise levels. It also doesn’t rot, rust, flake or peel, plus it’s impervious to termites.

How Much Does Privacy Fencing Cost?

The cost of privacy fencing will depend on the length of fencing you require and other factors, such as whether you opt for full privacy or semi privacy fencing. Our team will be happy to provide you with an accurate quote after discussing the requirements of your property.

Call Polvin Fencing Systems for a Full Privacy Fence that Suits You

If you need a long-lasting full privacy fence, don’t go with inferior wood or steel − choose our PVC privacy fence supplies. They all come with a 50 year warranty and won’t rot or rust like other fences do. Curious about our range of privacy fence panels? Call us today on 1800 339 675.