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Full Privacy Fencing

Polvin’s PVC Privacy Fencing products offer a stylish alternative to traditional steel and timber.

The advantages of PVC Privacy Fencing are as follows:

No Rusting

Plant your flowers and garden as close to the fence as you like. There is no risk of rust. Furthermore unlike a steel fence where any slight surface scratch through the paint would encourage rusting, a PVC privacy fence offers complete peace of mind.

Noise Reduction

Independent studies have shown that a steel fence, actually amplifies noise. PVC on the other hand assists in reducing noise, thanks to internal air pockets. Tests have shown that noise is reduced by as much as 23db.

Easy to Maintain

Never needs to be painted, EVER! Stains clean off easily.

Longer lasting

Unlike timber, PVC will never rot, warp, peel or flake and is impervious to termites.

Polvin’s Privacy Fences are available in two styles namely Full Privacy (No gaps) and Semi Privacy (20mm gaps).

Full Privacy Fencing Panel Specifications

Panel Width: 2.4m (2.438m centre to centre of posts)

Panel Heights: 1.5m, 1.88m & 2.1m (measured from the ground to the top of the top rail)

Available In

Gold Series