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The quality of the each Polvin PVC fence starts with the formulation.

Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) is the main ingredient used to combat UV rays. Other manufacturers use an average of 6% TiO2 while we use 12% in our Platinum Range PVC Fences. Our lab tests have shown that 12% of TiO2 is the optimum level to combat Australia’s high UV levels, more than doubling the expected lifespan.

The other important measure is the impact strength. We use a very special combination of impact modifiers in our Platinum Series, which gives us an impact strength more than 3 times better than the industry standard.

We back up all our claims with extensive laboratory testing, using our state of the art accelerated weathering tester, and impact testers.

All our testing complies with international standards.

Running rail static impact test

Tests strength of impact and pressure absorption.

Weather testing

Checks ongoing resistance to UV and general weathering.

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